"Going Green One Lawn At  A Time"

                                 Silver Package

March - Pre emergent with fertilizer to discourage crabgrass germination and to encourage healthy growth and green up, Weed Control for a healthy appearance*

April - Pre or post emergent depending on the timing of the application, this will either prevent or suffocate crabgrass seeds as they germinate, Weed Control to promote a more healthy, uniform appearance*

June - Balanced fertilizer to promote strong roots and healthy top growth, Weed control to control any late bloomers*

August - Target broadleaf weeds as many thrive in the warmer climates of this transitional zone*, Nutsedge control* (common problem at this time of the season - warm, damp areas), Crabgrass control* (high temperatures can break down preventatives in the soil prematurely)

October - High Nitrogen Fertilizer (winterizer), allows the root zone to store food through the winter months, encourages healthy spring green up

* - Weed control is used as necessary. A healthy lawn with proper cultural practices implemented creates a more weed free, healthy environment for all of us.