"Going Green One Lawn At  A Time"

                           Warm Season (Platinum)

April - Pre emergent fertilizer or balanced fertilizer (zoysia grass can often prevent crabgrass from germinating without preventative measures), Weed Control to establish a more uniform appearance heading into spring*

May - High nitrogen fertilizer for healthy top growth and green up, Weed control to maintain that healthy appearance*

June - Grub control to protect the root zone from potential damage, Balanced fertilizer to encourage healthy growth and color, Weed control to maintain the overall health of the lawn*

July -   Aeration to alleviate thatch build up (This allows essential nutrients to reach the root zone and allows the turf to breathe)

August - Check for possible signs of dead patch or decline, Treat summer weeds that thrive in this climate*, Treat nutsedge* (a common occurence in this climate - warm, damp areas of the lawn), Treat crabgrass * (high temperatures for an extended period of time can break down the preventatives in the soil prematurely)

September - Balanced fertilizer to strengthen the root zone before the dormancy stage (this is a healthy helping of nutrients heading into fall), Weed control to maintain that healthy appearance*

* - Weed control is used as necessary. A healthy lawn with proper cultural practices implemented creates a more weed free, healthy environment for all of us.